Age Gracefully With A Plan In Place

Why you and your elderly relative should plan for long-term care

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Planning long-term care ahead of the time your elderly parent or relative may need this service is helpful. Preplanning may reduce the stress and financial burden on you and your family.

Because you may not know what the future holds for your relative, it is important to plan for any type of situation. It is better to have these plans in place before a medical emergency develops.

Planning ahead informs you of all available options

Reaching out to Indiana agencies that serve elderly residents allows you to educate yourself as you consider the options. You need to find out what services are available in your area and how much they may cost. By having a plan ready before a medical emergency develops, you will not be caught off-guard.

Long-term care may be costly, exceeding what your relative and family may have available for their needs. Keep in mind that sources of funding vary from long-term care insurance, life settlements, personal savings to family support.

What Indiana’s long-term laws do

Indiana has a Human Services Board which is responsible for establishing long-term care goals for the state so that elderly and disabled residents receive the level of care they need.

Some of these goals include:

  • Maintaining the privacy and independence of the resident
  • A wide selection of long-term care services
  • Care which is individualized to the resident’s needs
  • A menu of long-term care options, including home-based, assisted living, adult foster care, congregate care, community-based and institutional care

How long-term care helps you and your older relative

You may have noticed your relative has become forgetful. They may fall and suffer injuries. Learning more about the services you need and how to access them may reduce the stress you and your elderly relative may be feeling.