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What is the cost of a nursing home in Indiana?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Medicaid Planning |

As you plan for how you want to spend your later years in your life, you may be aware that you could have to live in a nursing home. Maybe you have some medical conditions that you know you’re not going to be able to work around forever. Perhaps you’re just conscious of the fact that you could have mobility problems and need assistance at that stage in your life, just as your own parents did.

When planning for this future, it’s important not just to consider where you’d like to live and the type of care that you need to receive, but exactly what that care is going to cost. It’s often a lot more than people assume. You need to know about this in advance so that you can make an appropriate plan that will actually work for your future.

Getting a semi-private room

One thing that makes a difference is the type of room that you have, along with where the nursing home is located. There are also a lot of other factors, such as the type of care that you’ll need or any other special considerations.

However, studies have found that the average cost to live in a nursing home in Indiana is $7,133 per month. That is for a semi-private room, so you will have some of your own space. But that’s still different than having a fully private room, which may cost more, or having a shared room, which can reduce your costs to some degree.

In the grand scheme of things, Indiana is actually a more affordable state, compared to places like Alaska or California. But you can see how the costs for even a single year in a nursing home can be astronomical. Make sure that you consider this carefully and look into all of the steps you need to take to set up that plan in advance.