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When should you intervene for a struggling family member?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2022 | Guardianships |

People seek guardianships for a variety of family situations. Maybe you have a child or a sibling with special needs. They are about to become a legal adult but still struggle to manage their daily life without support.

Perhaps one of your parents or grandparents has recently fallen behind on their bills or missed multiple medical appointments, and you now worry that cognitive decline may be the reason. When you have reason to worry about someone’s ability to take care of themselves independently, then it may be time to ask the Indiana probate courts for guardianship. 

Ignoring the situation could do real harm

The people protected by guardianships are often reticent to acknowledge that they need support. They may resent the people who seek to protect them, which can deter friends and family from taking action. 

Whether you worry about offending a young loved one who isn’t ready to live independently or you feel concerned about disempowering an aging loved one, there are many reasons why you don’t want to intervene in your loved one’s life despite their obvious struggles. However, if you don’t step up, then a stranger might. Indiana guardianship law allows anyone with the cause to initiate a case. 

If no one takes action, then your loved one could be at real risk. They might miss medical appointments or fail to take their prescription pills, causing significant health issues. They could fall behind on their bills to the point where they lose their house or face eviction. 

A guardianship can be a powerful way to support someone who needs outside help with managing their health care or their finances. Learning more about the rules that apply to Indiana guardianships can help you support someone that you love who can’t quite manage the responsibilities of living independently.