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3 qualities of a good executor

On Behalf of | May 25, 2022 | Estate Planning |

Good estate planning can make the lives of your family easier after you pass away. You need the right person to handle your estate so your heirs get everything in pristine condition.

An executor of an estate handles all the business of protecting and maintaining your estate after you die. Putting your estate in the wrong hand could cause your family members to lose out on their deserved inheritance. 

Here’s what you should know about the qualities that make an ideal executor as you decide who to put in charge of your estate:

An executor should be punctual

Death often happens suddenly, so your executor should be prepared to take immediate action at the time of your death. Your estate could suddenly dwindle because your executor took their time to properly secure your home and valuables.

Your executor should be swift to retrieve your death certificate and any other legal documents needed to do their job.

An executor should be reliable

An executor of an estate is a big role to fill, the person you designate as your executor needs to be up for the job. 

Your executor should know everything that’s included in your estate and provide the care it needs until everything is properly distributed. You may have plants that need watered, pets to feed or jewelry to hide away – all things your executor needs to handle. 

An executor should be trusted 

You don’t want anyone to pocket a precious heirloom and deprive your heirs of their due. You should have an executor you can trust to distribute every last penny of your estate. You wouldn’t want the executor to take your family’s inheritance for themselves. 

You may find it harder to pick an executor than you realized since not everyone can fit the job requirements. You may consider consulting experienced help to ensure you picked the right person to handle your estate after you die.