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What to expect when you talk to your children about estate planning

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2023 | Estate Planning |

No one wants to think about dying. We all want to enjoy the time we’re here and spend our time doing things we love with the people that matter to us.

But, speaking of the people you love, when you pass away it’s going to be important for them (and for you) to know that your estate is taken care of and will be administered in accordance with your wishes. Yet, having a conversation with your children about these realities can be difficult, even when they’re adults themselves. Here are a few things you might expect them to say as you have that necessary discussion.

They might be reluctant to have this conversation

As your children, they might not want to sit down and have a talk with you about what’s going to happen after you die. It’s a difficult thought to imagine no longer having your parents around, especially if you’re close. It can be a good idea to set a time in advance to have the discussion rather than making it impromptu. This can give everyone an opportunity to prepare themselves for what’s coming and for your kids to think about anything they might want to ask you.

Expect them to have questions

There may be some difficult questions to address, especially if your estate plan does not look how they expect it to. You might be asking them to take roles in the process that they did not expect to have and there may be considerations, such as your long-term healthcare, that they haven’t thought through. Try and answer the questions as honestly as you can.

Estate planning is an important process and it’s never too early to start. It can be valuable to have some legal help to make sure all your wishes are ultimately respected.